18:30 – Official results Manoeuvrability Challenge

We got third place in the Manoeuvrability Challenge!

We completed all manoeuvres in a time of 6 minutes and 36 seconds. We are very happy with our performance today and the boat crew worked together seamlessly.

Although the boat was not the fastest, the team is super proud that we completed the first. Race. “The crew did a great job! As a team of three, each of us specialized in different tasks while we collaborated smoothly. I’m really proud of what the team has performed!” said our pilot, Louis

But it isn’t over yet. Tomorrow is the second race which is all about speed: the 16 NM Speed Challenge. And on Saturday the important Endurance Challenge where we must sail as far as possible in four hours. But we have completed the first race and with this result in the rankings, we continue with confidence.