What is our team about?

The TU Delft Hydro Motion Team is one of the Dream Teams at Delft University of Technology. We are a team of 23 multidisciplinary students. We show opportunities in the maritime industry to tackle today’s and future climate challenges by pushing the boundaries of sustainable technology

Each year, we explore new innovative and sustainable developments together with the knowledge of industry experts and the experience of alumni. 17 years ago we were founded as the TU Delft Solar Boat Team. Since then, we explored solar energy, on which we sailed at a top speed of 55 km/h. We saw the possibilities of hydrogen and made the transition to become the TU Delft Hydro Motion Team, with which we built the first foiling hydrogen-powered boat in the world!

By uniting the strengths of ambitious students, alumni and partners we illustrate the potential of hydrogen and move the maritime industry towards a sustainable future.

This project gives us the opportunity to gain practical experience and learn what it is like to work together in a multidisciplinary team towards an ambitious goal. During one year, we develop in multiple areas and gain skills that will benefit us for the rest of our professional career. With our team, we shape the engineers of a sustainable future.

Our mission!

With our project we want to work together with the maritime sector to accelerate the transition to green energy. There is still a lot to be gained in this sector and by thinking together with the maritime world and innovating in the field of sustainability, we contribute to a better and greener future. Because only together we can make a change.




Since the founding of the
TU Delft Solar Boat Team



Have been built since the founding of the TU Delft Solar Boat Team

For 15 years, our team has been committed to a green future by building sustainably powered boats. In 2005 the TU Delft Solar Boat team was founded and for 15 years the team developed incredible solar-powered boats. The team of 2021 took the big step and decided to explore the potential of hydrogen. This year we continue this motion of development and show our renewed identity with our new name: TU Delft Hydro Motion Team.

We are building a hydrogen-powered boat to show the potential and power of hydrogen. Our boat will race at the World Championships in the Open Sea Class in Monaco.

In 2005, a number of Maritime Engineering students founded the TU Delft Solar Boat Team. The year after they already won the “Frisian Solar Challenge”. From then on, every two years a completely new boat was designed and built which was optimized the following year. Since 2016 we design and build an entirely new boat every year.

In all these years we have gone through a lot of developments. We have always been optimizing our boats in all areas, for example efficiency, speed, stability and manoeuverability. We have managed to reduce our drag in ingenious ways through the shape of our hulls. Later, the use of hydrofoils introduced a completely new way of sailing. These make our boats fly. They lift the boat out of the water and thus significantly reduce drag. Different innovations and variations have been used, such as a double strut configuration or a 3 strut configuration. Each year unique boats are built and we continue to innovate and inspire. You can find more details about all the years below.