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Do you have what it takes to inspire the maritime sector by designing, building and racing an innovative boat that sails on hydrogen? Can you take our project to an even higher level together with a team of motivated students?

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Open functions for next year's team

The team consists out of different departments. Each department has its own responsibility. Within the department everyone has their own function. Here you can see which departments still have positions available and their functions.



Embedded Systems

As an engineer in the embedded systems department, you and your department are responsible for the logic that powers the boat. The high voltage output of the fuel cell must be managed before it can be used to propel the boat forward. You and the other embedded systems engineers will design and build systems such as batteries, converters, communication buses, and more to achieve this goal. The embedded systems department is also responsible for making the “thinking”components of the boat. You will design PVBs and write software for the PCBs to control things like the steering wheel, dashboard, power management and the actuation of the hydrofoils!


The Operations department is responsible for the professional communication of our team. The department consists out of people responsible for external relations and exposure. Together with the operations manager, you work on the contact with both our partners and our public. You will maintain partner relations and create new relations. You are responsible for informing our public and keeping them up to date. You will also work on spreading our message.



As Exposure you are responsible for the professional communication of our team. You work on the contact with both our partners and our public. In this way, you take care of promoting our project, vision and take everyone along with our team’s journey. Your activities can be very diverse. You make visual content like photos and videos, design promotion materials, make renders write articles, have contact with the press, organise the big events during the year (Design Presentation & Boat Reveal), manage our social media channels and website, design the wrap of the boat, create exposure during the race and much more.