Jesper van der Marel

Struts and Foils


LinkedIn: Jesper van der Marel

During my bachelor in Mechanical Engineering I always found the design projects interesting and I became more and more excited to apply the skills learned there in a bigger team. The TU Delft Hydro Motion team seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so. As a mechanical engineer my passion lies especially with moving parts, so I feel very much at home within the Vehicle Dynamics department. My dream for this year is to have a successfully foiling boat in Monaco, and as a struts & foils engineer I am excited to play my part in realising this goal.

I am mostly looking forward to working together with a big team and finding out what we can achieve with multiple disciplines combined. Having a foiling boat in Monaco as an end product seems like the perfect culmination of a year of hard work, and I’m looking forward to celebrating that moment with the team!

Jesper van der Marel