Mark Noordermeer

Driveline and Steering


LinkedIn: Mark Noordermeer

For as long as I can remember designing and building things has been a great passion for me. This led to me going to Delft and studying Mechanical Engineering. After finishing my bachelor's, I really wanted to join a Dream Team and contribute to developing sustainable solutions for the world. I believe hydrogen is one of these solutions and will play a positive role in making the world fully sustainable. Our team has been working on this for multiple years, and I am really excited to join the TU Delft Hydro Motion team this year and continue the hard work!

Within the team, I am working in the vehicle dynamics department, which takes care of all the moving parts in the boat, within this department I am responsible for the propulsion and steering on board this year. I am really looking forward to learning a lot of technical and soft skills and winning the race in Monaco together with the team!

Mark Noordermeer