The team of 2023

We are the TU Delft Hydro Motion Team, a team of 23 driven students. It is in our nature to challenge the future. We are driven visionaries: aspiring to improve the world, stepping up when faced by a challenge. Our vision is to inspire everyone, from individuals to big industry leaders, to accelerate the adaptation to sustainable technologies. Our mission is to demonstrate the viability of a more sustainable and green maritime industry, while encouraging development of future engineers.  

To discover the personal motivation of our team members, click their photos below. 


Isabelle de Bruijn20221019152720

Isabelle de Bruijn

Team Manager
Helena Westermann20221019160615

Helena Westermann

Project Manager
Frank Stapelbroek20221019161236

Frank Stapelbroek

Chief Engineer
Mandy Vermeijs20221019161743

Mandy Vermeijs

Operations Manager

Hull & Body

Ole Grootes20221019162207

Ole Grootes

Chief Hull and Body
Marieke Vassen20221019162513

Marieke Vassen

Internal Design
Joost Meinesz20221019162902

Joost Meinesz

Hydrogen Systems Engineer
Margot Giliam20221019163614

Margot Giliam

Structural Analysis
Emiel Nefs20221019165701

Emiel Nefs

Hull design

Vehicle Dynamics

Ruben Bisschop20221019164851

Ruben Bisschop

Chief Vehicle Dynamics
Jesper van der Marel20221019164513

Jesper van der Marel

Struts and Foils
Ruben de Vroomen20221019164813

Ruben de Vroomen

Height Control
Gijs Lutje Beerenbroek20221019165259

Gijs Lutje Beerenbroek

Cooling systems
Mark Noordermeer20221019165624

Mark Noordermeer

Driveline and Steering

Embedded Systems

Ruben van den Bos20221019170530

Ruben van den Bos

Chief Embedded Systems
Roan Zwinkels20221019171000

Roan Zwinkels

Energy Management
Eric Kemmeren20221019172408

Eric Kemmeren

Energy management
Melle Minten20221019172648

Melle Minten

Dashboard / Pilot Interface
Darwin Liu20221020085229

Darwin Liu

Height control/ Motor controller


Emma Alblas20221019173103

Emma Alblas

External Relations and Acquisition
Femke Auerbach20221019174547

Femke Auerbach

Lise van der Plank20221019175405
Klaske Galema20221019175507

Klaske Galema



  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Marine Technology
  • Industrial Design Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Applied Mathematics & Applied Physics
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Technology, Policy and Management
  • Civil Engineering

The team at the Tu delft

The contribution of every team member is essential. Because of the different study backgrounds and personalities we have a very diverse team. We need everyone all year round in order to build this unique boat full of innovative techniques and in order to win the race.

All team members are very motivated to learn new things and give their 100%