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Are you interested in being  part of the next team. Do you want to build the newest hydrogen-powered boat?

Do you have what it takes to inspire the maritime sector by designing, building and racing an innovative boat that sails on hydrogen? Can you take our project to an even higher level together with a team of top performing students?

To apply, hand in your motivation letter and your CV via button down below.

The deadline is March 6th 2023 at 23:59h

Ask all your questions during our interest moments!

3rd February Hydro Motion Interest Lunch 12:30-13:45

13th February Student Team Info Market

21st February Dreamteam Interest Drinks

27th February Hydro Motion Interest Drinks

3rd March Hydro Motion Interest Lunch 12:30-13:35

If you have any questions or want to talk to our team members, send us a message! You can email to apply@hydromotionteam.nl or call/text our team manager Isabelle (+316 24 88 85 93)

Functions in our team

The team consists out of different departments. Each department has its own responsibility. Within the department everyone has their own function. Here you can read all about what each department works on.


Team Manager

As a Team Manager you are the face of the team and are end responsible for the team and project. Your main task as a team manager is forming and leading a strong team.

Project Manager

The core task of the Project Manager is to take up the time-aspect of the project. The Project Manager is responsible for the planning of the team, and is in charge of allocating human resources to make sure the team works in the most efficient way.

Management 6

Chief Engineer

The main responsibility of the Chief Engineer is ensuring the quality of the boat. Next to this you must be able to lead the engineers and chiefs. The Chief Engineer looks at the integration and communication between the departments.

Operations Manager

The Operations Manager is a combined role of Exposure and Finance Manager. As the Operations Manager, you are ultimately responsible for the partnerships and thereby the finances and for all exposure that we disseminate to the outside world.

Engineering departments

Our Engineering departments are each responsible for their own part of the boat: from designing to producing and testing. The departments will need to work closely together to make sure every piece fits together. There are three engineering departments. Each department has a chief to guide this integration process. The Chief Engineer will overlook this process and help wherever needed.


Hull & body

As an engineer of the hull & body department, you will design the boat with as little drag as possibile, while still being able to acommodate all systems required to propel it. The internal architecture of all parts in the boat plays a role here as well. Furthermore, the structural integrity of the boat must be ensured. By making use of finate element software, you will calculate how strong the boat needs to be, while keeping the weight at a minimum.

As the chief of the hull and body department, you will lead your department and you have final responsibility for the design and production of the hull and internal structures of the boat.


Vehicle dynamics

The Vehicle dynamics department is responsible for designing, producing and testing all moving parts in the boat. You make the drivetrain which converts the propulsion of our motor into a rotating propellor.

The propellor is attached to the strut. Producing the strut is challenging, because it needs to be thin to reduce drag but also must fit all the driveline parts inside of it. The end of the strut is razor sharp, which makes our boat more efficient, so we can sail faster, with less energy.

As an engineer of the Vehicle dynamics deparment, you are also responsible for making the boat fly! Vehicle dynamics designs and builds the hydrofoils and height control system that actuates our foils to enable stability.

As the chief of the Vehicle dynamics department you will lead your department and you have final responsibility for all the moving parts in the boat.

Embedded 4

Embedded systems

As an engineer in the embedded systems department, you and your department are responsible for the logic that powers the boat. The high voltage output of the fuel cell must be managed before it can be used to propel the boat forward. You and the other embedded systems engineers will design and build systems such as batteries, converters, communication buses, and more to achieve this goal. The electronics department is also responsible for making the “thinking” components of the boat. You will design PCBs and write software for the PCBs to control things like the steering wheel, dashboard, power management and the actuation of the hydrofoils!

As the chief of the Embedded systems department you will lead your department and you have final responsibility for the logic that powers the boat.

Tank hijsen


The Powertrain department is working on the design and all components concerning the hydrogen system. This inclues the understanding and implementation of the fuel cell in our boat which generates electricity from hydrogen gas.

You will have to think about the power management and safety. Besides this, our tank and fuelling system are of great importance: these are the connections from the tank to the fuel cell in our boat which generates electricity from hydrogen gas.

Lastly, the fuel cell generates a lot of heat while we are sailing. Therefore the Powertrain department is responsible for the cooling system in our boat.

As the chief of the Powertrain department, you will lead your department and you have final responsibility for the hydrogen parts of the boat.


The Operations department is responsible for the professional communication of our team. The department consists out of people responsible for external relations and exposure. Together with the operations manager, you work on the contact with both our partners and our public. You will maintain partner relations and create new relations. You are responsible for informing our public and keeping them up to date. You will also work on spreading our message.



As Exposure you are responsible for the professional communication of our team. You work on the contact with both our partners and our public. In this way, you take care of promoting our project, vision and take everyone along with our team’s journey. Your activities can be very diverse. You make visual content like photos and videos, design promotion materials, write articles, have contact with the press, organise the big events during the year (Design Presentation, Boat Reveal), manage our social media channels and website, design the wrap of the boat, create exposure during the race and much more.


External Relations

As external relations, you will be busy with a lot of partner contact including many calls and emails to partners. First, to make agreements and sign contracts, later to solve logistical and design problems that partners can help with. You will be the main contact person within the team for partners and therefore responsible for maintaining good partner relationships. You will also have to work closely with the operations manager to complete the budget for the boat.