TU Delft

Hydro Motion Team

Boat Reveal



Our event was kicked-off by Melle Minten, the moderator of the day. 

The day was a very important day for the team; we revealed our boat for the first time to the world. It was amazing to see that so many people were gathered and that we could physically meet each other to celebrate this moment. 

We kicked off with a presentation given by our Team Manager Isabelle de Bruijn. This was followed by an interview with John Williams and a presentation by our Project Manager Helena Westermann after which our boat was revealed and christened!

Team Manager

Isabelle took us back to the beginning of the year. She showed us how we started as individuals and became an ever-closer team, how we set up our goal and created a design for it. She also talked about the structure within our team, that we work in departments but apart from our own main tasks and different departments, we work together and assist each other to make sure we achieve our goal.

Project Manager

Helena talked about the time after the design presentation. Our design was ready, now we had to start producing and assembling the boat.
“But before we could start with hydrogen or even foiling, we had to go back to basics: a working battery-powered boat.”
She explains how we went from a hull and loose parts to an electric boat and then to a hydrogen boat and finally what it would take to reach our goal of a hydrogen boat.


John Williams is committed to encourage people to work together towards a sustainable future. He is an energy trainer and helps football clubs become more sustainable. Next to that, he is the presenter of various help programmes, in which he encourages people to change and get the best out of themselves. Both, our team and John are driven by one goal: motivating people to implement changes to move towards a sustainable future.

During the interview, we talked about his experiences with climate change and also what he notices in terms of sustainability within his sector, the film industry. We also asked him about his secret for getting people to become the best version of themselves.

To this, he replied that these people themselves are part of the solution. By talking to them and finding a suitable solution together, they are more likely to actually change.
“Big changes take a long time, but I hope in 2050 we can say we were just in time,” he said. Projects like ours can make a difference in the right direction.


Then, for the first time, we proudly revealed our flying hydrogen-powered boat. It was such an amazing moment for us to share with everybody. This would not have been possible without the support of our partners, all of them closely involved with the design and production of our boat. But also, our friends and family that have supported us in other ways to make this all possible.  



Then, it was time to christen our boat, blessing it with a successful voyage in Monaco.

It was an amazing day to share with everyone there and the team is looking forward to the next phase, the testing phase. The testing phase will prepare us for Monaco, where we will put our boat to the test and demonstrate the potential of hydrogen!