Since the founding of the
TU Delft Solar Boat Team



Have been built since the founding of
the TU Delft Solar Boat Team

Our History

For 18 years, our team has been committed to a green future by building sustainably powered boats. In 2005 the TU Delft Solar Boat team was founded and for 15 years the team developed incredible solar-powered boats. The team of 2021 took the big step and decided to explore the potential of hydrogen and we have continued to do so. The knowledge that is gained each year is passed on to the next year and in this way we keep innovating.

In all these years we have gone through a lot of developments. We have always been optimizing our boats in all areas, for example efficiency, speed, stability and manoeuverability. We have managed to reduce our drag in ingenious ways through the shape of our hulls. Later, the use of hydrofoils introduced a completely new way of sailing. These make our boats fly. They lift the boat out of the water and thus significantly reduce drag. Different innovations and variations have been used, such as a double strut configuration or a 3 strut configuration. Each year unique boats are built and we continue to innovate and inspire. You can find more details about all the years below.