Embedded Systems Engineer

As an Embedded Systems Engineer, your role is to ensure the seamless operation of the boat’s electronics and communication systems. Collaborating with fellow Embedded Systems Engineers, you collectively ensure the proper functioning of the boat’s ‘brain.’

Given the team’s autonomy to set their own goals, you might not be working on the exact same things as previous year. However, the consistent need for well-functioning electronics remains. In previous teams, challenges included managing the high voltage output of the fuel cell before utilizing it to propel the boat forward. As well as, designing and building systems such as batteries, converters, and communication buses, working towards the team’s chosen goal. The embedded engineers also design PCBs and write software to control critical elements like the steering wheel, dashboard, power management, and the actuation of the hydrofoils.

If you’re passionate about developing solutions for electronic and communication systems, contributing to the success of the boat’s core functionality, join us as an Embedded Systems Engineer and be part of the team!