Exposure Coordinator

As an exposure coordinator you are one of the people that is responsible for the professional communication of our team to the outside world. In doing so you take care of promoting our project, vision and take everyone along with our team’s journey. The role is very diverse and in the beginning of the year you will divide the tasks up among the other exposure coordinators of your year. 

Tasks that fall on exposure are:

  • Making visual content (photos, videos, promotion materials)
  • Manage social media channels and website
  • Organizing internal events (Design Presentation, Boat Reveal etc.)
  • Managing external events (going to different exhibitions)
  • Making renders
  • Writing articles for press 
  • Design the wrap of the boat
  • And much more… 

Do you feel like joining a large multidisciplinary team, getting new friends for life and convincing the world of a sustainable maritime industry? Apply now!