External Relations Coordinator

As the External Relations Coordinator of our team, you play a large role in ensuring the availability of resources necessary for designing, building, testing, and sailing our innovative boat. Your primary responsibility is cultivating and managing relationships with our partners, both existing and potential. You collaborate closely with the entire team to guarantee that every member has access to the needed resources. Working hand-in-hand with the Exposure Coordinators, you contribute to the external representation of our team, aligning our vision with the wider world. You will be important in ensuring that agreements made with partners, regarding events, publications, and visual content, are upheld. 

The initial months will involve intensive partner engagement and solidifying relationships and later shift to keeping partners happy. This shift will open up your time to diversify your experiences in the team. While continuing to support the Exposure Coordinators, you can also choose to diversify your experience by assisting engineering departments with tasks such as soldering or contributing to the physical aspects of the boat, like laying carbon for the hull. 

If you’re passionate about building meaningful connections, ensuring resource availability, and contributing to the success of a sustainable maritime industry, apply now and join the next team’s journey!