Project Manager

As Project Manager you keep track of all relevant deadlines in consultation with the different departments and adjust the planning accordingly. You focus on the bigger picture and ensure that everyone is aware of what needs to be done and when it needs to be finished. 

Collaborating closely with the rest of the Management Department, your primary responsibility is to set up, monitor, and refine project plans. These plans offer a global perspective on the different phases necessary to achieve the team mission by the end of the year. Working especially close with the Chief Engineer and Operations Manager/Financial Manager to make sure there is a link between the technical and non-technical sides of the project.

Your constant communication with team members is essential, providing support in prioritizing tasks and staying informed about ongoing projects. With a complete overview of diverse projects within the engineering and operations departments, you align planning with project facets such as dependencies and delivery times.

If you thrive on organization, collaboration, and ensuring the smooth execution of plans, consider joining us as our Project Manager!