Alec Sterckx

Struts Engineer


LinkedIn: Alec Sterckx

The sustainable energy transition has begun and together with TU Delft Hydro Motion Team, I want to speed up this larger-than-life process. I have been fascinated by engineering ever since I was enthralled by roller coasters as a kid. Over time my interests have shifted toward sustainable transportation and energy but the passion for engineering science and problem-solving using mathematics and physics has never waned. I chose to pursue a year with the TU Delft Hydro Motion Team because I wanted to gain practical experience to apply the knowledge I accumulated during my bachelor's while advancing technology with a world-class student team.

As an engineer of the vehicle dynamics department, I contribute to the design and manufacturing of the foils, struts, and height control system that will make our boat fly over the water. Apart from using hydrogen, this is the second big factor in what will give our boat an impressive range, beyond what battery-powered boats can deliver. I am excited what this year will bring!

Alec Sterckx