Timo Zunderman

Vehicle Control Systems Engineer

Mail: timo.zunderman@hydromotionteam.nl

LinkedIn: Timo Zunderman

After I graduated with my bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering at TU Delft, I wanted to do something more practical and use the knowledge I had gathered during these years. I applied for an engineering function at the TU Delft Hydro Motion Team to not only apply the knowledge but also help innovate the usage of hydrogen. I think hydrogen has a large potential to counter climate change both by being a sustainable fuel and a substance to store energy in for longer periods of time. By joining the Hydro Motion team, I hope to show the true potential of hydrogen this year!

I think that joining this dream team is a unique opportunity to work with incredibly enthusiastic and motivated people, achieving goals that normally would be out of reach in this timespan. I look forward to all the knowledge and experiences I will gain during this year.

Timo Zunderman