The team of 2024

We are the 2024 TU Delft Hydro Motion Team, a team of 23 ambitious students. As a student-driven team, we push the boundaries of technology to accomplish a future where industries, governments, and individuals work together to create systemic change towards sustainability. Our mission is to propel the maritime and energy industries towards a sustainable future by designing, producing, testing, and sailing a foiling hydrogen-powered boat in just one year. We are determined to mandate the inclusion of hydrogen-powered vessels, thereby developing additional infrastructure crucial for the green energy transition. Together we aim to mould the future of engineering and create a legacy of lasting impact.

To discover the personal motivation of our team members, click on their photos below. 


Tim Bentvelsen20230915140043

Tim Bentvelsen

Team Manager
Simon van Leent20230915140038

Simon van Leent

Project Manager
Yuran van der Graaf20230915140033

Yuran van der Graaf

Chief Engineer
Ellis Huistra20230915140028

Ellis Huistra

Operations Manager


Charlise Francovich20230915135610

Charlise Francovich

External Relations
Floor Verhoeven20230915135320

Floor Verhoeven

Exposure Coordinator
Jeroen von Berg20230915135452

Jeroen von Berg

Exposure Coordinator
Jules Bakx20230915135520

Jules Bakx

Exposure Coordinator

Hull & Body

Carolina Silvestre20230915135922

Carolina Silvestre

Chief Hull & Body
Lars Wielinga20230915135917

Lars Wielinga

Hydrogen Systems Engineer
Liam Timmerman20230915135903

Liam Timmerman

Internal Design
Servaas van Dooren20230915135824

Servaas van Dooren

Hull Design
Thijs van Waveren20230915135810

Thijs van Waveren

Structural Analysis

Vehicle Dynamics

Igor Ruland20230915140017

Igor Ruland

Chief Vehicle Dynamics
Jan Gogolewski20230915140012

Jan Gogolewski

Foils & Height Control Engineer
Mick Polak20230915135942

Mick Polak

Driveline & Steering Engineer
Alec Sterckx20230915135935

Alec Sterckx

Struts Engineer
Doris van Woensel20230915135423

Doris van Woensel

Driveline & Cooling Engineer

Embedded Systems

Daan Posthumus20230915135740

Daan Posthumus

Chief Embedded Systems
Renzo Ligthart20230915135746

Renzo Ligthart

Height Control Engineer
Rik Imbens20230915135734

Rik Imbens

Dashboard & Pilot Interface Engineer
Thijs Heezen20230915135643

Thijs Heezen

High & Low Voltage Systems Engineer
Timo Zunderman20230915154157

Timo Zunderman

Vehicle Control Systems Engineer


  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Marine Technology
  • Industrial Design Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Applied Mathematics & Applied Physics
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Technology, Policy and Management
  • Civil Engineering
  • Life Science & Technology

The team at the Tu delft

The contribution of every team member is essential. Because of the different study backgrounds and personalities we have a very diverse team. We need everyone all year round in order to build this unique boat full of innovative techniques and in order to sail between the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

All team members are very motivated to learn new things and give their 100%