Team 2016

The 2016 team completely redesigned the hull and improved the wings.This allowed this boat to reach speeds of up to 55 km/h, the officially measured speed record within the team! This year they participated in the Dutch Solar Challenge where a second place was achieved. In addition, they participated in the Monaco Solar Boat challenge where a second place was also achieved and the boat was awarded the Riva beauty award!

Team members:

  • Tom van Woudenberg
  • Tijmen Bregt
  • Jelle Riekse
  • Bart Vonk
  • Casper Vertregt
  • Eloy Geenjaar
  • Esmeé Vermolen
  • Irene Overtoom
  • Jasper Smit
  • Laurent declerck
  • Lisanne Nijdam
  • Luc Does
  • Luuk van Litsenburg
  • Maarten Kemna
  • Myra Nelissen
  • Rijk van Wijk
  • Robin Berendschot
  • Sarkout Mahmoud
  • Sophie W.
  • Thore Roepman
  • Floor Melman