Team 2017

The 2017 team improved manoeuvrability and stability by designing a boat with three hydrofoils. Despite this extra hydrofoil and larger hull, the boat achieved a speed of up to 48 km/h. This year they participated in the Monaco Solar Boat Challenge and wanted to cross the English Channel. This crossing was unfortunately cancelled due to the risks at that time.

Team members:

  • Bob Vlamings
  • Casper van Engelenburg
  • Philip de Rijk
  • Tim van der Weide
  • Andrew Snaathorst
  • Cas Rosier
  • Tara Bolton
  • Suzanne Assen
  • Giancarlo Marelli
  • Prashanth Neelakantan
  • Margriet Cox
  • Jeroen Esseveld
  • Jan Verheyen
  • Christopher de Koning
  • Max Sibeijn
  • Freddy Bos
  • Michiel Mollema
  • Nicolas Mavrocordatos
  • Laura Rivera Diez
  • Emma Erkelens
  • Jessy van Eesteren
  • Dorian Heitzig
  • Gevase Lovell-Prescod
  • Max Pigmans
  • Romme Koldenhof
  • Daniel Vos
  • Sanjeet Desai
  • Rebecca Belmer
  • Heleen van den Hout