Team 2018

The 2018 team has again opted for the double T-strut configuration. With this, speeds of 50 km/h were achieved. Because there were elements in the races where efficiency and manoeuvrability were essential, a system was devised whereby the pilot could move the front and rear strut independently. The biggest challenges were to keep it as compact as possible and to guarantee ease of use during the race. In this year’s Solar Sport One competition, the team won second prize.

Team members:

  • Michiel Giliam
  • Sjoerd Berning
  • Olmar van Beurden
  • Thomas van der Pas
  • Francesco Mitrotta
  • Timo Boxma
  • Rebecca Belmer
  • Alexander Verhoeven
  • Mykolas Grinevicius
  • Doris van den Heuvel
  • Huy Tran
  • Wouter Spek
  • Stefan van der Maarel
  • Esmee Huijten
  • Laura Rivera Diez
  • Paul Schellekens
  • Manon van Eijkelenburg
  • Jorn Hoofwijk
  • Anna Boon
  • Mathieu D’heer