Team 2020

The 2020 team has made the boat lighter and smaller, which has made for a very efficient boat. In fact, it can sail on only the power of a water cooker. In addition, the wings of the 2020 boat are made of carbon fibre which allowed for multiple sets of wings to be self-produced for different racing elements. The team competed in their self-organised race on the Ketelmeer.

Team members:

  • Lena de Rouw
  • Ruben van Es
  • Eva Smits
  • Luigi Manni
  • Melissa Oremans
  • Tristan Hamers
  • Saskia Alberts
  • Olivier de Jong
  • Stephan van Reen
  • Reinoud Lampe
  • Nikki van Luijk
  • Marko Rehbein
  • Maarten van Nistelrooij
  • Emir Sarlak
  • Victor Verbist
  • Roan van der Voort
  • Menno Looman
  • Shivani Singh
  • Bart van Gisbergen
  • Emma Linders