Team Manager

​As the Team Manager, your role is dynamic and varied, taking ultimate responsibility for the project, your focus is on ensuring everyone is doing their best work and can make the most of their time with the team. You also serve as the external face of Hydro Motion, interacting with official parties, conducting interviews, and giving presentations. You will work on ensuring the team’s overall well-being and fostering a positive atmosphere. Regular one-on-one conversations help you stay in tune with how the team is doing and can be used for decision-making.

Working with the Management Department, you contribute to strategic discussions and ensure smooth team cooperation, addressing potential challenges.

Beyond these responsibilities, you have the flexibility to shape your year—whether it’s exploring future projects and strategies for Hydro Motion or collaborating on new initiatives with team members.

If you’re ready for a hands-on, diverse and leading role where each day brings new opportunities, join us and make the most of your time at Hydro Motion!