Wednesday – 15:30 Practicing manoeuvrability

We practiced the manoeuvrability race

Tomorrow it is time for the first challenge! The boat’s manoeuvrability will be put to the test in this first challenge of the race. The pilot has practiced some tricky manoeuvres today and they all went smoothly. We are confident about the first race! Before the race, there is a parade in which all boats participating in the Energy Boat Challenge show their boat. The boats are competing in the Energy class, the Solar class and the Open Sea class.

On Friday, we will take on the second challenge, the 16 nautical mile sprint, which is all about speed. On the 9th of July, we will compete in the final race element: the endurance challenge, where we will sail as far as possible in 4 hours. With every challenge, the boats earn points and the team with the most points wins the world championship. In case of a tie, the winner of the endurance race will be the deciding factor!

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