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On Thursday May 2nd we revealed our newest hydrogen-powered foiling boat to the world! We were joined by many partners, family, and friends at the NDSM wharf in Amsterdam. Here we enjoyed a presentation consisting of a hydrogen lecture by Ad van Wijk, a panel discussion with our Operations Manager Ellis Huistra, John Geel from the KNRM and Marco Rehbein from team Out of the Blue about sea travel, and a summary of our production phase from our Chief Hull & Body Carolina. We ended the presentation by ceremoniously “christening” our boat, a traditional maritime tradition to wish us a safe and inspiring journey!

If you were unable to join us during the boat reveal, or would like to have a small reminder of the event, you can watch our aftermovie below or on our youtube channel!


The boat reveal marks a very important next phase in our project: the start of Wet Testing. The next coming weeks we will diligently test all aspects of our boat in the water at our testing location in Drimmelen. Here we will fine tune all our systems in order to ensure optimal performance, and attempt to find any faults in our boat as quickly as possible so we can fix them on time. This phase is crucial to our project, as we get to see all of our hard work over the last few months pay off. Make sure to follow our socials and keep an eye on our website to stay up to date on our testing progress!

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However, before we got to this phase we first completed two other phases: production and assembly!


Production was the phase where we were able to see all individual parts come to life, whilst assembly was the moment we were able to see all parts come together to form a cohesive whole. After assembly we were finally able to say that we had built a hydrogen-powered boat!


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Although the Hull & Body department has returned from Contest Yachts having finished our beautiful hull, they have most definitely not been sitting still since. Part of the department has been busy installing the hydrogen system of our boat, as well as other structural aspects such as the hatches and windshield. This culminated in our boat returning shortly to Medemblik to glue on the deck, and cure the hull in its entirety. Furthermore our hull, deck, and all the hatches have been wrapped. Our hull is now seaworthy and ready to start testing!


Embedded Systems had been hard at work assembling all cables, sensors, and electronic systems in the boat. The cables are being inserted through waterproof cable passes with the help of Roxtec, ensuring that the different compartments of the boat remain waterproof. Furthermore, they have been hard at work on the height control mechanism, fitting the sensor at the front of the boat and calibrating the motor controller.

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Vehicle Dynamics spent 4 weeks at an external location in order to do foil production at Qconcepts Design and Engineering. Here they received guidance in producing our foils to perfection. We are very happy to have them back, and we’re very excited to see the foils come to life! The rest of the department that stayed in Delft was hard at work assembling our cooling system, essential for the components in our boat. We have both a closed and open loop cooling system, requiring a complicated array of tubes, fittings and pumps. Furthermore, there was a lot of work left to do on the motor mount, steering mechanism, and the other systems.


The Operations department has been hard at work organising multiple events and visits. We are very happy to have been able to welcome some new partners for a look around our work place. This year we were also very excited to organise the Dream Career Day on March 19th together with Project MARCH, Brunel Solar Team and Forze Hydrogen Racing. A month later we were very excited to welcome 3 of our partners at our Dream Hall Partner Day! Here we learned about our partners through cases whilst they were able to see the Dream Hall where we have been  working full time since August. Furthermore we were busy at work preparing for the Boat Reveal, and are now working towards our final events and the crossing!

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For a video recap of our production and assembly phase, check out the video below!


Since the return of the Hull & Body department from Medemblik, another department has started taking shape; the Crossing Committee. This committee is responsible for organising all legal, safety, logistics and strategic aspects that are crucial for helping us cross the North Sea at the beginning of July. The Crossing Committee is in close contact with many of our partners that help on a safety and strategic level, such as Sima Charters who will provide us with a support vessel during the crossing, and the KNRM who advise us on safety concerns. The coming months this group of team members will continue working tirelessly to prepare for our challenge.



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