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Production Phase

Hydro Motion Team ’24

The last few weeks our team has been hard at work with the production of our foiling hydrogen-powered boat! Let’s delve into the latest updates and developments.


Our hull & body department continues to work hard at production of our hull at the location of one of our partners: Contest Yachts. They have finished the bulk heads and deck plates, and have just successfully infused the hull with resin! This was a very exciting (and scary) step, as weeks of hard work of preparing the mold and laying the carbon have led to this moment. We are very happy and proud that this step was successful, and that this milestone was reached!

After this they will be working to finish the hull, and start with the lamination of stiffeners, bulkheads, sleeves, and the deck.

Vehicle Dynamics has finished the production of our sleeves, and have received the final struts from our partners! With the help of Jatec we were able to CNC our front struts, whilst our other partner, SMI Verspaningen, helped us produce our rear strut. It is very exciting watching so many parts of our boat come to life.

Meanwhile, Embedded Systems has recently started the assembly of our electronic boxes at Royal Van Der Leun. They are busy with the production of the steering system, the high voltage system, and the software for the boat.

Finally, the Operations department is busy organising events, running recruitment, and maintaining contact with our partners, whilst management is preparing for the upcoming phase of the project: Assembly!

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