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Production Phase


First of all, happy new year!

This will be the year that we, the TU Delft Hydro Motion Team of 2024, cross the rough waters of the north sea between the Netherlands and the United Kingdom and we are extremely excited about the challenge.

However, we have a bit of a journey ahead of us before we hit those waves. Rounding up the detailed design phase marked a milestone for our team as we could finally share our newest design with the world. Now, as we transition into the production phase, everything that was designed gets to come to life! Let’s delve into the latest updates and developments of each department.


Our five Hull and Body engineers have already been producing for about three weeks at Contest Yachts in Medemblik and plan to be there for about eight more. Just like in the past couple of years we are using carbon vacuum infusion to produce our hull. What is different however, is that due to the size of our boat design, we’re using a split-mould from Nedcam instead of a direct mould. Aligning the two sides carefully is therefore crucial since we require the mould to be vacuum-tight. Managing this task becomes quite a challenge with the mould dimensions at 8.5 metres by 3.2 metres.

In recent weeks, their focus has been on preparing the mould, consisting of activities such as waxing, fitting inserts, and creating plates for the deck and bulkheads. These preparations set the stage for the upcoming weeks.

Looking ahead, our Hull and Body department will continue with the production of the hull and deck, laying down the foundation for the project.



In recent weeks, the Embedded Systems department has been busy designing the electrical systems that enable the boat to sail and fly. They have determined the placement of cables, components, and electrical boxes.

Subsequently, they have been actively involved in designing PCBs and writing software to integrate all components and are also engaged in constructing a new high-voltage battery. They will start assembling and testing the battery at IONBASE in Muiden coming week. While continuing writing software and building the complete electrical system for when the boat arrives from production in Medemblik.



The Vehicle Dynamics departments’ production phase doesn’t align perfectly with the other departments, but they have definitely not been sitting still. Faced with the need to work extensively with previously unfamiliar machines, such as CNC and milling machines, the department has dedicated their time to following various courses and becoming experts at them. At the same time, they have been creating all the designs for the parts, getting ready for production.

This will allow them to start producing a lot of parts in the coming weeks. Parts they produce are for example the steering and foil actuation as well as the sleeves, which connect the struts with the hull. Then in March they will start the production of another extremely important thing, the foils. The department is going to produce these at Qconcepts this year.



With the Design Presentation just behind us the Operations department is already shifting its focus to the next big event, the reveal of the boat! This will take place in spring and the department will work on preparing this event in the coming weeks. Next to the big event there are also several partner related events that they are focussing on.

Besides event planning the department is busy with designing the wrap of the boat. This will be done in collaboration with the team through brainstorm sessions and opportunities to voice their opinions.



For the coming weeks we will be working on finishing our detailed design, preparing for production and working hard on all preparations for the Design Presentation. Do you know someone who is not yet receiving this newsletter but would like to? Send an email to exposure@hydromotionteam.nl or click on the link below. Via the link, you can enter an email address and will be asked to confirm via Mailchimp’s email. Feel free to send any comments or questions to exposure@hydromotionteam.nl

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