Chief Engineer

In the role of Chief Engineer, you hold the ultimate responsibility for the technical aspects of our project. Your comprehensive oversight of the entire system enables direct support to various engineering departments, managing critical interfaces, and making crucial top-level trade-offs. Guiding the team in decision-making processes, you represent the technical perspective within the Management Department.

Collaboration is key as you work closely with department chiefs who keep you informed about technical challenges, providing a foundation for informed decision-making. Additionally, you dedicate significant time to devising collaboration formats and organizing the team. Each design phase necessitates a different approach, and alongside the Project Manager, you formulate plans, assess technical work quality, monitor interfaces, and prevent interference.

Your problem-solving skills come to the forefront when issues arise. Evaluating options, weighing risks, and guiding the team towards effective solutions are key aspects of your role. If you’re ready to take on this position, providing technical leadership and strategic decision-making, join us and be an essential part of our project’s success!