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Do you have what it takes to inspire the maritime sector by designing, building and sailing an innovative boat that sails on hydrogen? Can you take our project to an even higher level together with a team of motivated students?

Are you interested in being part of the next team? Apply now! Hand in your motivation letter and your CV via the button down below.

Interest Moments

Until the 10th of March we organise different interest moments where you can meet our team. This way you have the opportunity to discover all the possibilities within next years team by asking questions to all teammembers. Let us know you are coming to one of our interest events by filling out the form below.

21th February – Dream Hall Interest Drinks
With a drink and a snack, you will get the chance to meet all the Dream Teams that work in the Dream Hall!

23th February – Hydrogen in Mobility Lunch Lecture
12:45– 13:30 | @ Pulse Hall 1
We will take care of your lunch while you can learn more about all the student teams using hydrogen!

26th February – Student Team Aula Event
19:00 – 21:00 | @ TU Delft Aula 
This night all Dream Teams and Student teams will gather at the Aula Event. This is your chance to meet them all and ask all your questions!

28th February – Hydro Motion Interest Lunch

12:30 – 13:30 | @ Dream Hall
We will take care of your lunch while you can ask all your questions and meet the Hydro Motion Team
5th March – Hydro Motion Interest Drinks
19:00 – 21:00 | @ Dream Hall
With a drink and a snack, meet the Hydro Motion Team
and ask all your questions!

Open functions for next year's team

The team consists out of different departments. Each department has its own responsibility. Within the department everyone has their own role. Here you can see which departments still have positions available and their responsibilities. By clicking on the image you can read all the different function descriptions.


The Management department ensures that the project sails smoothly and facilitates the team’s optimal efficiency. Within the Management the planning side, communication side, and the engineering side come together.


The Operations department is responsible for the professional communication of our team. The department consists out of people responsible for external relations and exposure. Together with the operations manager, you work on the contact with both our partners and our public. You will maintain partner relations and create new relations. You are responsible for informing our public and keeping them up to date. You will work on spreading our message to the outside world.


Exposure Coordinator

Embedded Systems

The Embedded Systems department is responsible for all the electrical systems of our boat. The chief Embedded Systems and the engineers work together to establish the integration of software and hardware of all the departments and ensures that all the different parts of the boat work as one smooth machine.

Hull & Body

The Hull & Body department is responsible for the hull and internal structure of the boat. The chief Hull & Body and the engineers will work together to establish a strong and stable hull.

Vehicle Dynamics

The Vehicle Dynamics department is responsible for all the moving parts and the cooling systems of the boat. The chief Vehicle Dynamics and the engineers will work together to establish a moving boat that is easily manoeuvrable.


The Powertrain department is responsible for all the components of the boat that generate power. This department will work on the hydrogen systems, integrate the fuel cell and the hydrogen tanks in the boat.

Workspace tours

Would you like to see our workspace and ask all your questions? Send us a message! Email to recruitment@hydromotionteam.nl or call/text our team manager Tim (+31 6 30 30 99 98)