Chief Powertrain

As Chief Powertrain you are responsible for the technical quality delivered by the Powertrain department. Next to your managerial responsibilities you will participate as an engineer in the department as well.

Your responsibilities include keeping track of the engineers’ progress, overseeing the entirety of Powertrain and their dependencies. Additionally, maintaining continuous communication with the Chief Engineer is crucial to quickly identify and efficiently resolve any arising issues. In collaboration with the Management department and the chiefs of other engineering departments, you play a vital role in making decisions that strike a balance within the project, aligning with the overarching goals set for the year.

In addition to your managerial role, you actively contribute as an engineer, lending your expertise to areas such as the integration of the fuel cell, designing the cooling systems and taking on the responsibility of planning and coordinating the testing phase of the Powertrain department. This dual role ensures that you not only guide the technical direction but actively participate in achieving the project’s milestones.

If you have strong leadership and communication skills, coupled with technical expertise, and are ready to take on both managerial and technical responsibilities that drive the success of the Powertrain, consider joining us as our Chief Powertrain.