Hull & Body Engineer

As a Hull and Body Engineer, your role is to ensure the structural integrity and correct weight distribution of the boat. You work together with Hull and Body Engineers to guarantee the sound structure of the hull and the optimal distribution of internal components.  

Given the team’s autonomy to set their own goals, you might not be working on the exact same things as previous years. However, the consistent need for a well functioning Hull and Body remains. As a Hull and Body Engineer, your responsibilities can include hull and internal architecture design and production, structural analysis using FEM and the design and integration of the sustainable fuel systems. Collaborating with fellow Hull and Body engineers, you work to guarantee the structural integrity of the hull and internal structure, focusing on achieving performance goals.

If you have a keen interest in structural design, implementation of alternative energy systems and want to play a role in making everything come together in a boat running on renewable energy sources, we invite you to join us as a Hull and Body engineer!