Operations Manager

As Operations Manager you are responsible for multiple different aspects of the team. You take the responsibility of the operations department and make sure that everything within your department runs smoothly. Besides that, you are responsible for the financial matters related to the project. This means that you will translate the development of the boat into a budget and regulate all the money that comes in and out. Together with the External Relations Coordinator you make sure that the acquisition goal is achieved and that the money is spent in the most useful way possible. In addition, you will ensure that the logistics around the communication to the outside world are well coordinated and that the Exposure Coordinators have a clear vision. 

In addition to your own duties, you will be working with the other three members of the Management team to ensure that the team functions properly. Working together, you’ll balance the aspects of money, time, and budget to keep the team on track.

If you have a talent for leadership, communication, and financial management, and you’re ready to lead our team efficiently, sign up now!

The role of operations manager can also be split up into financial manager and exposure manager. So if only one side interests you don’t hesitate to apply!