Carolina Silvestre

Chief Hull & Body


LinkedIn: Carolina Silvestre

My journey with the TU Delft Hydro Motion Team began with a desire to be part of a close-knit community united by a shared vision. Interactions with previous team members during various events convinced me that this team was the perfect fit for my aspirations. I was enticed by the team's atmosphere of camaraderie, where each member is not only competent but also highly driven to achieve common goals.

Throughout my Bachelor's in Aerospace Engineering, I found myself drawn to the domains of aerodynamic and structural design, both characterized by the dynamic process of iteration and relentless optimization. As Chief Hull and Body, I have the opportunity to delve into the fields of structures and hydrodynamics while also gaining valuable insights into production and manufacturing processes. This multifaceted nature of the project allows me to move beyond the technical knowledge from my studies and become a well-rounded engineer. 

In my role as Chief of Hull and Body, I bear the responsibility of overseeing the hull design, internal design, structural analysis, production, and the integration of hydrogen hardware. My aim is not only to push the boundaries of technical excellence but also to create an environment where each engineer can thrive and continually learn.

Carolina Silvestre