Charlise Francovich

External Relations


LinkedIn: Charlise Francovich

After wrapping up my Bachelor's in Industrial Design Engineering, I was ready for a new challenge, and what better place to find it than in a Dream Team? The TU Delft Hydro Motion Team attracted me right away. My love for water and everything that surrounds it began at a young age. My family and I would often go on sailing vacations and enjoy other water sports such as kitesurfing. My dad would always say, “It’s not a vacation if we haven’t been on the water,” and this has stuck with me throughout my life. 

I'm thrilled by the opportunity to convey the TU Delft Hydro Motion Team's mission to companies, persuading them to join hands with us in creating a sustainable maritime industry. In my role as external relations, I'll be the point of contact for our partners, ensuring that our team is equipped with the resources needed to reach our goals. With my background in Industrial Design Engineering,  I bring a creative, practical mindset to the team. I look forward to being the bridge between the engineers and potential project collaborators. I’m excited to be a member of this multidisciplinary and ambitious team and I’m anticipating a year of exploration, innovation, and remarkable achievements. The experience and insights I gain throughout this incredible journey will be priceless, and they'll undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on my life.

Charlise Francovich