Doris van Woensel

Driveline & Cooling Engineer


LinkedIn: Doris van Woensel

After completing my bachelor's degree in Maritime Engineering, I was looking for something more hands-on and practical before deciding on my path for a Master's degree. That's when I came across Hydro Motion's recruitment opportunity, and it just clicked. It offered the perfect combination of innovation, hands-on work, and, of course, boats.

I'm excited to join the Hydro Motion Team and work together to showcase the potential of hydrogen, accelerating the energy transition. My role will be in the Vehicle Dynamics department, where we handle all the moving parts. I'm looking forward to learning new skills like designing for efficient production, working with heavy machinery, and tackling challenges on the fly.

Overall, I'm thrilled about a year of innovation and ending it with a big challenge to celebrate our accomplishments!

Doris van Woensel