Igor Ruland

Chief Vehicle Dynamics

Mail: igor.ruland@hydromotionteam.nl

LinkedIn: Igor Ruland

Even before starting my bachelor's in Aerospace Engineering at the TU Delft, I was determined to become a part of a Dream Team. I have always had an interest in sailing, which only deepened when I discovered the concept of foiling boats. These interests combined with a desire to translate my theoretical knowledge into tangible real-world solutions, led me to join the Hydro Motion Team. 

In a world urgently needing to transition towards a more sustainable future, the demand for rapid technological innovation has never been greater. As an integral part of the transportation sector, notorious for its substantial emissions, the maritime industry faces the pressing challenge of reducing its carbon footprint. My goal is to accelerate the transition towards sustainability within the sector by showcasing the possibilities for technical innovation. 

This year, I will have the privilege of leading the Vehicle Dynamics department. As a department, we bear the responsibility for all the moving systems in the boat, from propulsion and steering to struts, foils, and actuation systems. Applying my knowledge from aerospace engineering, my aim is to engineer a boat capable of flying above the water, even in challenging conditions. Beyond my engineering tasks, I will be responsible for managing the vehicle dynamics department, ensuring that every engineer is working in an environment where they can thrive and excel.

Igor Ruland