Mick Polak

Driveline & Steering Engineer

Mail: mick.polak@hydromotionteam.nl

LinkedIn: Mick Polak

My academic journey in Aerospace Engineering ignited my passion for aviation and space travel, but it was the Hydro Motion Team at TU Delft that steered me toward a new horizon. Our ambitious project, powered by hydrogen, promises to redefine sustainable technology in the maritime sector.

At the Hydro Motion Team, I will get the chance to bridge the gap between theory and practice, especially in sustainable technology. As an engineer in the Vehicle Dynamics department, I'm excited to dive into the mechanical aspects of the project, drawing from my hands-on experience and a childhood fascination with wings which I will now channel into hydrofoils.

What sets Hydro Motion apart is its innovative, ground-up approach to boat design. It's an opportunity for me to face engineering challenges head-on and drive progress. With my problem-solving skills, ability to thrive under pressure, and reputation as a team player, I am confident I will be able to bring a valuable contribution to the team.

Mick Polak