Servaas van Dooren

Hull Design


LinkedIn: Servaas van Dooren

I have known that I wanted to join a dream team long before I decided to study at the TU Delft. It all started when I got the opportunity to compete in the Young Solar Challenge. This is a competition in which high school students build, test, and race their own solar-powered electric boats against each other. Since then I have completed my bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and the urge to work in a high-performing multidisciplinary team again has never been so high. 

I am really excited for the opportunity to take the skills that I have learned during my bachelor's to another level. I look forward to working in a team full of people who are just as excited about this project as I am and hope that we, as a team, can leave a mark on the maritime industry. 

As hull and body engineer I am responsible for designing the hull of the boat. This is a complex balancing game of reducing drag while still making sure the boat remains stable and all components fit. It requires input and expertise from all departments to design things right. This allows me to gain an understanding of how the entire boat works, something that I really look forward to.

Servaas van Dooren