Tim Bentvelsen

Team Manager

Mail: tim.bentvelsen@hydromotionteam.nl

LinkedIn: Tim Bentvelsen

Last summer I finished my final year of the bachelor System Engineering, Policy and Management (TPM). Unlike most other programs at TU Delft, the bachelor's program of TPM does not aim to train students to become experts in a specific engineering field. It enables students to think about technology in the context of society. This is what I appreciate about my study background, It provides me with the opportunity to engage with engineers who are enthusiastic and interested in a very particular area of interest, which I find intriguing.

As Team Manager, my goal for this year will be to create, support, and lead a thriving and cohesive team. While supporting them in the achievement of their goals, stimulating inidividual growth and creating an unforgettable experience. I aim to make sure there is an atmosphere where everyone can speak their mind, feels heard and everyone is reaching their full potential.

I am thrilled to be part of this team full of ambitious, multi-disciplinary, and enthusiastic students! 

Tim Bentvelsen