Manoeuvrability practice

Aurora sailed her first meters in the harbour of Monaco. The boat crew has just practiced some challenging manoeuvres and they all went smoothly. We were able to make sharp turns, moor quickly and sail backwards fast. We are very happy with the results of this first test and look forward to the first race!

The race consists of three challenges: Manoeuvrability, Endurance and Speed. First the boat’s manoeuvrability will be put to the test in the first challenge of the race. On Friday, we will take on the second challenge, the Endurance Challenge, where we will sail as far as possible in 4 hours. On the 8th of July, we will compete in the final race element: the 16NM Race, which is all about speed. With every challenge, the boats earn points and the team with the most points wins the world championship. In case of a tie, the winner of the endurance race will be the deciding factor.

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